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Peter Cox


Peter Cox (aka “Coxey”), is the founder and CEO of Leadership Dynamics and co-founder and CEO of Leading4Growth, and has been leading CEO’s, Business Owners and elite sporting professionals with his Leading4Growth process since 2002. His clients love him for being the real deal of Leadership, empowered by his passionate, convicted and driven style. They respect him for the Leadership strength he has led them to grow in –  this has empowered them to live better lives.


His clients, both large and small in size, which also include some highly recognisable and influential brands, are growing exponentially and reaching new heights through implementing Peter’s proven Leadership strategies. Peter Cox is a Leadership expert who has been successfully leading teams since 1988 and also is a member of several Boards.


Peter has communicated to audiences ranging from over 45,000 people to his renowned one-on-one sessions, all designed to mentor, empower and nurture people to grow their Leadership strength so they can live better lives.

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To lead you need to allow yourself to be led and since 1994, some significant global entrepreneurs, who exemplify Leadership, have mentored Peter. This has enabled him to become a coveted Leadership specialist in creating a desire for individuals to grow in Leadership by creating a change in their thinking and understanding of what Leadership is truly all about. The Leadership characteristics and principles Peter brings into a business leads to greater effectiveness, improves communication, increases formality, elevates unity and harmony and builds a winning team culture people thrive in to build success and take your business to where you want it to go. Peter will help you identify “Natural Leaders” and to empower them to raise their level of influence. This leads to greater effectiveness because the “Natural Leaders” work “on” the business instead of “in” the business with greater clarity to Lead4Growth, something crucial if the Vision is to be achieved! It also helps you delegate responsibilities to give you more time for doing the things you love to do outside your business! Coxey’s Leading4Growth strategies have also played a significant role in helping his professional sporting clients – Manly Sea Eagles winning NRL Premierships in 2008 and 2011 and a World Club Challenge in 2009, and the South Sydney Rabbitohs winning their first NRL Premiership in 43 years and a World Club Challenge in 2014. In 2015, Peter was signed onto the Australian Women’s Football Team (The Matildas). They progressed further than any Australian team- male or female – in a senior FIFA World Cup, and made it through to the Quarter Finals of the Rio Olympics, (only being narrowly beaten by Brazil in a second penalty shoot out) using Peter’s Leadership process. Coxey lives and breathes Leadership and his track record shows the authenticity and integrity of his unique Leading4Growth program. Peter is convicted about growing people in Leadership so they can take their business to where they want it to go so they can live better lives. Why not enrol now and let Peter lead you, like he has done successfully for many others for over 20 years.

Who We Are

Here at Leading4Growth, you will learn from the best. You will learn from world class leader Peter Cox how to realise your vision for your business; to take it to where you want it to go.

Peter will give you unexpected insights to help you increase your influence and build a winning team culture – both crucial to building your business. You will get a rare look behind the success and find out what it takes. Peter gives you surprising honesty when it comes to cultivating powerful relationships and assembling a high performance team around you.

The Mission

At Leading4Growth, our mission is to grow the Leadership Strength of business owners, and the key people they surround themselves with, so they can take their business to where they want it to go so they can live a better life.


The Leading4Growth program provides the strategies, tools, support and community to do just this.


Meet The Team

Peter Cox

Peter Cox

Founding Partner

Peter works with businesses, companies and professional sporting clubs behind the teams. An expert on organisational leadership, he helps people take the daunting leap from management to leadership.

Allan Ferguson

Allan Ferguson

Founding Partner

Allan brings 20 years of business experience to Leading4Growth having developed 2 successful businesses in the service industry. Allan is an accomplished entrepreneur, sales training and marketing expert.


In our rapidly growing companies it is easy to lose focus and neglect the importance of communication. Peter Cox’s teachings on Leadership and Mentoring have shifted our focus from being just a busy work environment to one of duplication and effective communication. We have noticed dramatic change in the group dynamics, which in turn has led to personal and professional growth of our team members, facilitating an increase in productivity, company revenue and global expansion. Peter has the highest integrity, our full respect and admiration. He is a true leader and a visionary

Nicholas Stavropoulos

Managing Director, Excite Holidays

Since 2003 we have utilised Peter Cox’s leadership skills in both the Sydney and Melbourne offices to identify key areas in our business where we required leadership. We have never had better people working for us driving our Company forward and we use specific leadership strategies and templates that Peter has brought into our organisation to identify the right people. Coming from a building background we too have grown as leaders under Peter’s leadership mentoring process.

Tony Hargreaves

Company Director, Renascent Group

Peter Cox worked with the Manly NRL football team from 2005 – 2011. In that time, Peter coordinated and delivered a leadership-based and thinking strategy. It enlightened and promoted clear vision under which the players learned to deal with times of adversity both on and off the football field. The players and staff were enriched by the experiences that Peter provided. During his 7-year tenure, the Manly NRL team qualified for the NRL finals 7 years in a row; qualified for 3 grand finals; and won 2 NRL premierships in 2008 and 2011.

Des Hasler

Head Coach, Manly Sea Eagles NRL



Peter created space for me to think deeply about how I was leading my life, not just my career. Peter is dynamic, energetic, with dose of fun and irreverent humour, he brings fresh light to the Leadership and Influence.

Peter will challenge, he will argue and call you out, but ultimately Peter is on your side and a creates a powerful trusting relationship that can bring about change – and I have rediscovered- change is the one non-negotiable element of sustainable executive leadership.

Kirsty Hunter

Managing Director, Datacom