“Great leaders
allow themselves to be led.

Who’s leading you?”

Peter Cox, Leadership Mentor and Facilitator, Author, Speaker


Build a stable business

Discover the right things you need to focus your attention upon to take your business where you want it to go, sustaining it for the long term.

Increase Productivity

Discover how to grow and lead a culture of innovation to drive ongoing performance improvement.

Develop a strong team culture

Become the business where everyone wants to work because the culture is phenomenal and the standard of work is second to none!

Become a confident role model

Become the Leader you’ve always aspired to be and who your team respect and love to follow.

Restore work/life balance

Discover how to gain greater control of your business giving you more time for the things you love doing…remember those??!  Live a better life!

Attract better clients

Become the business everyone wants to work with because you and your team produce world-class work and it’s evident you all enjoy what you do!
“Peter Cox’s teachings on Leadership and Mentoring have shifted our focus from being just a busy work environment to one of duplication and effective communication. We have noticed dramatic change in the group dynamics, which in turn has led to personal and professional growth of our team members, facilitating an increase in productivity, company revenue and global expansion. Peter has the highest integrity, our full respect and admiration. He is a true leader and a visionary.”
Nicholas Stavropoulos
Founder and Managing Director, Excite Holidays

Tradiemate Pro and L4G.

One of the biggest hurdles and frustrations I see for many business owners to grow their business, is the inability to access the right business experts, tools, resources, training and systems that will help them do this because they either don’t know where to look, or, help is often cost prohibitive!
Tradiematepro removes these barriers and provides members with an impressive array of Tradie business training, tools, resources, systems and much more, all tailored for their own business!
Leading 4 Growth is providing the Leadership expertise for TMP and our new Online Leadership Development Program is free for all TMP Tribe members ($720 value).
It’s an honour to be a part of the most innovative and exciting initiative that the Tradies Industry is likely to see for many years to come.
You can check out Tradiemate Pro here.  It’s pretty incredible.