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Excite Holidays

“Peter has been working with Excite for the last 6 years but has known and personally developed, coached and led the owners of the business for the last 20 years.

Since Peter has led the business with his Leadership Dynamics methodology, the company has grown exponentially, doubling year on year in personnel as well as revenue.

As a result of this, the company has been able to expand into other markets and have opened up offices in Bangkok, Athens, Singapore and London with over 150 staff members worldwide.  

In our rapidly growing companies it is easy to lose focus and neglect the importance of communication. Peter Cox’s teachings on Leadership and Mentoring have shifted our focus from being just a busy work environment to one of duplication and effective communication.


We have noticed dramatic change in the group dynamics which in turn has led to personal and professional growth of our team members, facilitating an increase in productivity, company revenue and global expansion. Peter has the highest integrity, our full respect and admiration. He is a true leader and a visionary.”


Nicholas Stavropoulos
Co Founder and Managing Director, Excite Holidays


I have worked with Peter Cox since the early 2000’s and more so over the past decade. I’ve taken the leadership principles taught by Peter as well as the practical real-life examples, and I’ve embedded those in the organisations and teams I work with.

I have a close relationship with both Peter and his family and that input has born much fruit over the years.  

Tony Davis
Founder, Chairman and CEO of Companies and NPO’s
Dovetail Business Solutions, The Advisory Boards, Adavise, The Cancer Lifeboat, Medical Network

Renascent Constructions

Peter Cox has helped me to build influence in my team. I have started with the building my influence on my team by firstly looking at building my influence on the Company Directors. This has proven to be a way of bringing about the high-level changes necessary for the company to grow.

Staff will more readily follow a leader who they believe can be aligned with the Owners of the company and can effect real change for the better – they need to see it happen.

Communication is also key as our staff feel more accountable and aligned to the vision of its leaders by being taken on the journey through presentations, workshops and one on ones.

Omega Home Services

When I first started working with Peter Cox’s, the business wasn’t very good. It was around 2004 I think, maybe bit earlier. I had myself as the leader but had no idea about Leadership. Peter quickly identified that I had the wrong people around me, and introduced me to Personality Profiles and the 5 Love Languages. My business dynamic was all wrong. There was certainly no way I was going to grow past about 7 staff with that leadership and that thinking.

I utilised Peter through Leadership Dynamics to help me become better with people. Once I was surrounding myself with better people, it was easy to see that Peter’s leadership model really works. Peter’s leadership is strong. He helped me to clarify my business systems and the pricing structure and the way we run our business right. I could see that I could utilise Peter’s strengths to grow.

Allan Ferguson
Owner, Omega Services

Urban Fitness Solutions

Thanks to the Leadership of Peter Cox, we have been able to continually grow Urban Fitness Solutions to success over the years.

Peter’s passion for leadership, his guidance and him being a dreamer and visionary has helped us to understand the basic leadership principles and how to utilise these principles. He has provided us with the tools and skills to keep moving our business in the right direction. Peter’s desire and enthusiasm to grow people and organisations is exemplary.

He has influenced us in many areas of our lives including our personal life as well as growing our business to a successful level. We’ve had a lot of challenges along the way in growing our business and Peter has helped us tackle these head on and to constantly overcome obstacles and take action in a forward motion. Most importantly he has taught us to grow ourselves in order to be the best individuals we can be to enable us to grow in other areas in our life.

Leila & Stanley Sithole
Co Owners, Urban Fitness Solutions


Working with Peter has been a breath of fresh air – from the crowded lists of actions, tasks and projects, Peter created space for me to think deeply about how I was leading my life, not just my career. Peter is dynamic, energetic, with dose of fun and irreverent humour, he brings fresh light to the leadership and influence.

Peter will challenge, he will argue and call you out, but ultimately Peter is on your side and a creates a powerful trusting relationship that can bring about change – and I have rediscovered- change is the one non-negotiable element of sustainable Executive Leadership.

Kirsty Hunter
Managing Director, Datacom


Being led by Peter Cox Leadership Dynamics has helped me stay “on” the business and not be “in” the business.  Working closely with Coxey has helped me understand the importance of having a vision, having the right strategy and the importance of developing our culture and also the importance of having the right people around me to achieve the vision.”

Sam Vakilli
Managing Director, MCR


Peter’s nine principles are all relevant. I would say the top six and the last one, FLITU. Without the power of one-on-ones I wouldn’t be in this situation. Without being able to cast vision, I wouldn’t be in this situation. Without being open to be lead I wouldn’t be in this situation. Without FLITU, I wouldn’t have understood why I needed to change. Without 5 – if you don’t change the way you think, nothing changes so, without 5, I wouldn’t be in this situation.  They are all equally important because the cumulative effect is to create immediate, necessary change.  Though, I guess I would say – allowing yourself to be lead is most important. That is probably the one at the top of the list because unless you are open to being lead none of the other things matter. You will never get to two and three.”

Francis Farmakidis
Partner, Vobis