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“Over the last 10 months Peter has Implemented his Leadership Dynamics Process which has re-ignited our passion in the vision for our company. He has not only re-instilled the belief we have in ourselves but has taught us some invaluable leadership strategies that are already bearing fruit.
Peter is helping us get on the business to plan and prepare for the long term and at the same time, to have a greater life/work balance which has been an invaluable outcome of his mentorship!”

Peter and Jo Arvonen

Co-Owners , Aris Building Services

“I have worked with Peter Cox since the early 2000’s and more so over the past decade. I’ve taken the leadership principles taught by Peter as well as the practical real-life examples, and I’ve embedded those in the organisations and teams I work with.”

Tony Davis

Founder, Chairman and CEO of Companies and NPO's, Dovetail Business Solutions, The Advisory Boards, Adavise, The Cancer Lifeboat, Medical Network

From January 2015 until August 2016, Peter Cox from Leadership Dynamics mentored me with a dynamic Leadership Program 1 on 1 and with the Matildas Australian Women’s Football Team, growing my leadership potential.
My understanding of what Leadership really is changed my behaviours, dramatically growing my influence, resulting in me becoming the Australian Women’s Football Team Captain for the 2015 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.
Coxey empowered and grew me building me into a stronger leader.

Lisa DeVanna

Captain, The Australian Women's Football Team, "The Matildas"